As expected, the folks in Redmond have announced two-step verification for Microsoft accounts, making them more secure from hackers. 

Microsoft is making the two-step verification feature available in the coming days to the 700 million people that access its services. Users can turn it on  by accessing their account management page on  

Microsoft isn't the first to roll-out extra security measures, as Google has had it for quite sometime. Apple jumped into the mix last month, as well.

For those unaware, two-step verification is a great safeguard from hackers. Microsoft will be asking for two pieces of information anytime you access your account. Your traditional password and a code sent to a phone or email will be required when logging in, if you have the feature turned on, of course. 

Like Google's two-step verification, Microsoft will make application specific passwords available, which will be especially useful for Xbox users.

Furthermore, Microsoft will be making a Microsoft Authenticator app available for Windows Phone that can generate the pass code when trying to log-in,  rather than receiving them over email. 

If you're a heavy Windows PC, Windows Phone, Xbox,, SkyDrive, Skype, or Office user, this may be a feature you'll want to turn on.