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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is working on developing its own smart watch, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing supply chain sources. The Redmond-based company is working to join in the market, following rumours of Apple and other competitors doing the same.

The company has reportedly asked suppliers to ship components for a touchscreen watch, signalling a shift inside the walls of Microsoft to prepare for the new type of market that's about to take over consumer electronics, many industry watchers have noted.

Microsoft has shown a willingness to develop hardware before, not only with its successful Xbox line, but also its Surface tablets that entered the market last year. It's not clear what type of software Microsoft's watch would be running. Would it be a variant of Windows Phone or something else entirely? 


Smartphone giant Samsung confirmed its plans to develop a smart watch earlier this year, while Apple and Google are also rumoured to be doing the same. 

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Hardware specifics of Microsoft's smart watch weren't shared by The Wall Street Journal, except that it would be contained within a 1.5-inch display. There's no estimated time of arrival or specific price point provided. 

The Wall Street Journal further reports that Microsoft continues to test its own smartphone, though it's not clear if the company plans to bring it to market. Perhaps we'll hear more at the company's Build conference this summer.

Writing by Jake Smith.