Microsoft has allegedly come up with a new name for the major update to Windows that until  now has been codenamed Windows Blue. It's catchy. It's punchy. It's actually neither of these things. It is Windows 8.1.

Yep, according to one of ZDNet's tipsters, Microsoft has pushed the boat out with the name given to the refresh of its latest PC operating system. And, the tipster also revealed, Windows RT will be called Windows RT 8.1. Golly gosh.

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The Blue update, therefore, will part of a top-level branding naming convention under Windows 8, being part of a wider Windows 8 family. Blue may still be used in some fashion, much like "Mango" is used to describe Windows Phone 7.5, but Microsoft is keen to keep the 8.x suffix alive for forthcoming further updates, says ZDNet.

Blue will definitely not be Windows 9, the tipster claims.

It is believed that Windows 8.1 will hit in the autumn, or possibly August. It is not known at present whether it will be a free update or a paid patch for Windows 8 users.

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