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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced updates for its Mail, Calendar and People apps, available on Windows 8 (and Windows RT). The updates will be available tomorrow and can be installed by clicking the "Updates" button in the corner of the Windows Store. 

microsoft updates mail calendar and people apps for windows 8 image 2

The pinacle of the app updates is increased speed and much needed features for improving work-flow. The Mail app is now actually usable, as it features better folder management, the ability to flag messages, filter unread messages, mark messages as junk, search, add, edit and delete links when composing a message, get easier access to search and printing, and other small refinements. As you can tell, these are features that should have been in the Mail app to start. 


The productivity continues, as the Calendar app on Windows 8 was updated with the ability to see the calendar in a week view, send email to all meeting attendees, find appointments more easily with updated visuals and improved readability, check the availability of meeting attendees, forward meeting invitations, choose more recurrence options, and set end dates for recurring events.

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Last is the People app, which is not as widely used on Windows 8. That's not to say the improvements aren't welcomed. Most notably, you can now post to your friends' Facebook walls from within the People app. You can also filter your "What’s New" feed by social network, navigate to People sections more easily, and see information from your Exchange global address list.

If you find yourself deeply embedded within the apps that Windows 8 offers these updates seem like a must. Be sure to grab them tomorrow.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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