Microsoft has posted a video which shows fairly ambitious plans for its connected home technology in the future. The company hopes to have a wide range of products, all interconnected throughout the house and controllable via one central touch-sensitive wall.

Five years ago an idea like this would have seemed almost impossible, but now with the speed at which connected tech is moving, it isn't far off. Bill Gates recently revealed on Reddit that he uses a giant 80-inch touchscreen: this could easily become a touch-sensitive wall.

Microsoft says it is a "snapshot of what your life will look like five to ten years from now". Just to put things in perspective, the original iPhone launched in 2007, the iPad in 2010.

The video was made at Microsoft's newly opened Envisioning Centre at its HQ in Redmond, Washington. The centre is designed as a place for Microsoft to test out its latest ideas and technologies and show how they can improve day-to-day life.

The centre uses a home and work setting in which to test technology and show it off to visitors to the campus. It also sits alongside Microsoft's Envisioning Lab as a place for the company to invest and research in cutting-edge technology.

Microsoft explains that it is working on machine learning technologies as well what it calls NUI, or natural user interfaces. The latter is all about building user interfaces that can incorporate themselves into their surroundings - a touchscreen wall, for example. It certainly is exciting and Microsoft is promising to reveal more on the Envisioning Centre as the days go on.