Microsoft has announced that it has begun rolling out an update for the Surface RT to address several bugs. 

The update, available now, includes increased Wi-Fi reliability and driver updates to improve overall Windows 8 performance, volume, and power buttons, according to the foks in Redmond.

To apply the update, open PC settings and tap "Check for Updates". Early reports from users after installing the update note that the Surface RT is now running at a snappier rate with the issues listed above gone. 

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Unlike Apple or Google, Microsoft doesn't provide a very clear numbering system for its Windows RT updates. Apple, for example, uses nomenclature like "iOS 6.1.1", while that seems to be nonexistent on the Microsoft side. This update is simply being called the "February update".

At any rate, it's good to see Microsoft addressing issues that users may be seeing, relatively quickly.

Did you install the update?