Microsoft has confirmed that Surface Pro stock will strengthen by 16 February, after both the 64GB and 128GB models sold out quickly at most US retail outlets. 

The head of the Microsoft Surface Team provided a few details about availability in a chat on Twitter. Best Buy Staples and Microsoft stores across the US will be receiving more stock by Saturday, according to Panos Panay.

Last Saturday, the Surface Pro went on-sale as the second tablet in Microsoft's Surface line. It offers customers an Intel Core i5 processor, starting at $899 for the 64GB model. Early reviewers noted its speediness, but knocked it on form-factor and battery life.

Even with the quick sell-out, it's not clear just how much stock was offered. Photos from the launch day indicated solid numbers in lines at a few stores, however. 

microsoft surface pro stock improving this week image 2

Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates sung the praises of the Surface Pro during a Reddit AMA this week.

There's no word on expanded availability worldwide.

Image: Fortune

Anyone plan on purchasing a Surface Pro?