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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has reported its Q2 earnings with record revenue of $21.46 billion and net income of $6.38 billion. The quarter was strong, fuelled by shoppers in the Christmas season looking to purchase Windows 8, Surface tablets, and Windows Phone 8. But if the numbers tell us anything, it's that the tablet hasn't yet won, at least not for Microsoft.

The first quarter since Windows 8 went on sale, Microsoft sold an impressive 60 million copies of the new operating system, bringing in a wholesome revenue of $5.88 billion, or 24 per cent year-over-year increase.

Microsoft hasn't disclosed exact Surface RT sales numbers, but we get the indication that Windows is still a major part of the company's business, as it has been for many years now. With $21.46 billion in revenue total for the company, the $5.88 billion makes up a huge, 25 per cent chunk.


With the presumption that we're moving into the "post-PC era", one could draw the conclusion that Windows sales would be down. That's not the case.

CEO Steve Ballmer also noted the continued importance of the OS through 2013. “With new Windows devices, including Surface Pro, and the new Office on the horizon, we’ll continue to drive excitement for the Windows ecosystem and deliver our software through devices and services people love and businesses need,” he said.

Apple's Christmas financial results painted a little different picture than Microsoft's. The folks in Cupertino saw a decrease of 1.1 million in Mac sales, selling 4.1 million during the quarter. Apple's iPad tablet saw an explosive, record amount of sales of 22.9 million iPads, compared to 15.4 million at the same time last year. 

It appears the companies have two different approaches, for now.

Writing by Jake Smith.