Microsoft has announced that 60 million licences of Windows 8 have been sold since its launch in late October.

The total comes from both sales to customers and OEMs, who have packaged Windows and Windows RT on more than 1,700 devices worldwide.

Microsoft originally announced 40 million Windows 8 licence sales in November. The new numbers reveal that 20 million machines welcomed the new operating system during the Christmas season.

Plenty of OEMs are showing off Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas, announcing new tablets, ultrabooks, laptops, and desktops that have the operating system loaded. Windows 8 will definitely play a huge role in the tech space during 2013.

The folks in Redmond also revealed the amount of Windows Store apps have quadrupled since the marketplace’s opening two months ago. App downloads have reached100 million.

For those wondering how the Windows 8 launch compares with that of Windows 7, Microsoft says the new OS is on “a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7”.