Microsoft has launched a Windows desktop application that can change your wallpaper to the Bing homepage automatically each day. In addition, you get a search bar, with updated news and trending terms.

Bing Desktop is a free download and, once installed, will default to loading the current day's Bing homepage as your wallpaper. Alternatively, you can click on an info icon on the search widget and choose a backdrop from the previous nine days.

A news feed is also pumped into the search bar, while trending topics can be searched for instantly by clinking on the hyperlinks.

Bing is well known for its stunning home screens, featuring amazing photography of locations and people around the world. If you fancy a change every day, and can't be fussed to do it manually, Bing Desktop is clearly the app for you. It selects the resolution of the picture for you too.

There's only one drawback: a big Bing logo in the lower right corner. However, if you just so happen to be a massive fan of Bing Crosby, you can kill two birds with one stone.

You can download Bing Desktop from Microsoft's Download Center.