It's been rumoured for a while that Microsoft is bringing Office to iOS devices in the form of standalone applications, but now the company has confirmed the presence of at least three iPhone and iPad apps. Unwittingly so, it seems.

Hidden on Microsoft's own support pages are references to Office Mobile for iPhone, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad. Well, the French support pages anyway.

The Excel for iPad listing was found in the product tags for a French support page addressing custom numeric formats for the spreadsheet software. And a Macrumors search on other Microsoft support pages unveiled the rest of the apps.

office mobile for iphone leaked by microsoft image 2

We're not sure yet on when the apps may hit iDevices, but previous rumours suggested that they could arrive on iTunes early 2013. It is believed that they will be free to download.

At the very least, it is touted that there will be access through applications to Office 365, the subscription cloud-based service for the productivity suite of software.