Those who have already upgraded to Windows 8 are already au fait with Internet Explorer 10. The new version of Microsoft's own browser comes pre-packed with the new operating system and is installed during the update.

However, those who are yet to switch or don't want to leave their trusty Windows 7 behind can now also try out the faster, smoother experience IE 10 offers, Microsoft has made available a preview build of the software that runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the former OS.

Available for a free download from the Microsoft IE Test Drive site (ie,, the new software offers a more "fast and fluid" experience than IE 9. It does slightly differ from its Windows 8 counterpart though. It doesn't have Adobe Flash built in, nor is that plug-in updated automatically through a Windows update.

Of course, that's the same with any Windows 7 browser, and not a feature you'll be unfamiliar with, so you might as well try the browser out.

Only one warning, we're not entirely sure what the "Preview" build entails, so it may or may not have a few glitches or bugs, or even crash. We haven't had any issues ourself, however.