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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is inviting developers to get to work on apps and games built for the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 platforms, after making the software development kit (SDK) available to all.

The Windows Phone Software Development Kit 8.0 can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site and provides all the tools required to build apps for Microsoft’s new mobile platform.

Developers will need to have either Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro installed on their PC, but once downloaded the SDK will enable them to test their apps “under real-world conditions”.

Microsoft had previously rolled-out its Windows Phone 8 SDK to only a select number of developers. By opening it up to the public, the company will be hoping an influx of apps will soon be making their way on to the Windows Phone Store.

As well as Windows Phone 8, the SDK also enables developers to build apps for the older Windows Phone 7.5 platform. These apps will run on Windows Phones that have been upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8.

Windows Phone 7.8 was announced when it became clear that no Windows Phone devices prior to the launch of Windows Phone 8 would be able to be upgraded to the new OS.

A decision that upset many, especially those who had just forked out on a new device such as the Nokia Lumia 900.

Writing by Danny Brogan.