Since announcing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 back in June, Microsoft has steadily kept its foot on the PR gas. However, while the likes of Steve Ballmer have been shouting from the rooftops, Bill Gates, Microsoft’s CEO,  has remained relatively quiet. Until now.

Gates has given a recorded interview telling us why we should all be getting excited about the new operating systems, and how the Surface tablet devices embrace touch while remaining true to Microsoft’s PC roots.

Posting on the official Windows Blog, Gates spoke passionately about how the hybrid OS - integrating a touch user interface with familiar hardware such as a mouse and PC - is a watershed moment for the company.

Explaining how Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are “literally becoming a single platform”, Gates said Microsoft’s new ecosystem would make it easier for consumers to move back and forth between multiple devices.

Claiming to use any possible opportunity to show off his own Microsoft Surface RT tablet to friends and family – he uses a black keyboard, apparently – Gates explained what makes Microsoft's range of tablets stand out from other rival devices.

“Surface is an unbelievably great product," he said. "It embodies this idea that you can get an even better tablet that also has what you expect from a PC – a tablet that has a stand, a tablet that you can attach a keyboard to, a tablet you can point at things, but also a tablet that gives you access to classic software like Office."

Clearly a fan then.

Windows 8 is due to be made available on 26 October, with Windows Phone 8 officially unveiled a few days later on 29 October.