Microsoft Surface tablet owners will be able to enjoy cloud gaming, thanks to a new partnership announced by Microsoft and Agawi.

The deal, which sees stumbling OnLive lose out once again, means gamers will be able to play more than 12,000 games from launch on all Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.

Agawi, formerly iSwifter, recently launched its version 2.0 to offer cloud streaming of all forms of games content - including social Facebook games as well as mid-core and hardcore titles - to all devices. 

"When a new platform emerges, gaming tends to be the killer app. Witness the iPhone, the iPad and Facebook," Peter Relan, Agawi's co-founder and executive chairman told Pocket-lint.  

"Windows 8 is a major new platform, so we are very excited to bring cloud-based gaming to this platform. Consumers can expect three types of content from us and our upcoming partnerships: social games, mid-core web games and AAA console-quality games," 

The company has already had experience with letting you play big games on devices they weren't designed for, with Assassins Creed and its iSwifter app that brought a number of games to the iPad in the same way OnLive does to a number of different platforms.  

And if you are wondering why Agawi, it stands for Any game, any where, instantly.

Popular AAA games will be made available in the coming months for instant play on Windows 8 devices, says the two companies, with no additional work required by developers says the company.