Say "Metro-style" and you'll be forcibly ejected from the building, but has undergone a major refresh to make it fit with the aesthetics and usability of In addition, Microsoft has announced that more than 10 million people have already signed up to the software giant's renamed email service.

For those not in the know, SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud service, a place to store pictures and files you need to access from multiple sources. In addition, it offers more-than basic Word document creation and editing, plus a link-up to Note.

Applications are available for Windows Phone and iOS that allow you to hook up, and a browser app is also available for Android that works in a slightly different way, but also offers access. However, a new full Android application is coming in the next few weeks with the same functionality of the other versions.

microsoft s skydrive gets an outlook com style refresh image 3

You can also access the files on your own desktop PC through the SkyDrive browser, and if you have network storage solutions, those too.

A new user to SkyDrive gets 7GB of free storage, or you can buy an extra 20GB for £6 per year, 50GB for £16 per year, and 100GB for £32 per year. That only accounts for the files and documents you store on Microsoft's servers - you can access as much as you like from your own PC.

microsoft s skydrive gets an outlook com style refresh image 2

Apart from the design, the new has added instant search functionality. Now you can search for a file or topic anywhere on your SkyDrive, including inside the content of documents.

Many of the common commands people use to access their content have now been moved into the top bar. You can select multiple objects now, and drag and drop thumbnails to put them in the order you want.

The sorting options have also been improved, with the default being "newest to oldest". You can change them as you see fit.

Finally, SkyDrive for Windows and OSX are in the process of being updated too, with the roll-out to take weeks rather than months.

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