Microsoft has announced four new accessories that will enhance your Windows 8 experience when the new operating system is unveiled later this year. The accessories are all Bluetooth enabled and consist of keyboards and mice.

The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard (US $49.95) has a curved design that allows a more natural resting position for the user's hands and wrists. To save battery power, the keyboard will automatically go into sleep mode if left unused for a period, before being turned on with one press on the keys.

UPDATE 20 August: Available for £49.99.

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (US $79.95) is optimised for tablet users, with the keyboard's cover doubling up as a tablet stand. The keyboard has also been fitted with various shortcut keys specific to Windows 8.

UPDATE 20 August: Available in September for £79.99.

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse (US $69.95) can be used on most services on account of it's BlueTrack Technology while, like the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard, the “backpack mode” will put the mouse into a sleep while it’s not being used, thus saving battery.

UPDATE 20 August: Available now for £69.99.

The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse (US $49.95) offers the same experience, but without the backpack mode. 

UPDATE 20 August: Available now for £49.99.

Microsoft has also announced that its already released Touch Mouse (US $79.95) will be updated to enable finger swipe navigation when zooming in and out of a screen or while flicking through apps.

All four products will be rolled out in the following months in the run-up to the launch of Windows 8 on 26 October, which is when the Microsoft Touch Mouse will receive its update.

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