Users of Microsoft’s Bing might have noticed a few changes to the search engine, as the company vies with the likes of Google and Yahoo for web surfers’ affections. 

For starters the homepage has been redesigned, with a cleaner interface. Users will also be greeted with larger images on the start-up screen.

When users start searching for results, they will no longer be bombarded with endless information on the left of the page. The headers for each result have also been minimised, which Microsoft says will enable Bing users to scan the page quicker, helping them find the results most relevant to them.

microsoft revamps bing promising faster cleaner and more relevant web search experience image 2

Furthermore, spaces between each lines have been increased so as not only make reading easier but also to help choose the correct links when using smaller touchscreen devices.

Microsoft says Bing’s revamp will also ensure faster page-load times while results will be more relevant to the text entered into the search bar.

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