Microsoft has demonstrated how upgrading your Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 could be as simple as plugging in a USB stick.

Microsoft used its WorldWide Partner Conference 2012 (WWPC 2012) to talk about its Windows 8 To Go stick that enables you to save your Windows 8 desktop on to the memory stick, before uploading it all to a computer that runs on an inferior operating system.

The USB drive has a capacity of 32GB, so there will be limitations to how much Windows 8 content you can upload to a new computer, but for people who use multiple devices Windows To Go could prove extremely useful.

Microsoft spoke about Windows To Go back in February, when it explained how businesses in particular would benefit from the service, as they would simply be able to issue employees with USB sticks rather than having to upgrade individual laptops and computers. However, the WWPC 2012 was the first time Microsoft actually demonstrated how it works.

Windows 8 will go on sale around the world from October 2012.

Will you be upgrading to Windows 8? We want to know.