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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has joined the social networking revolution after unveiling its own So.cl with an emphasis on meeting new people.

So.cl is all about sharing information, such as websites and articles. Users can type the topic they are interested in into a search bar, which in turn will bring up a list of material on that subject. 

By sharing your findings, users can prompt discussions with other friends on So.cl while strangers with similar interests can also join in.

Videos can also be added to a chat, which Microsoft has dubbed a “video party”, so a group of football fans, for example, will be able to collaborate clips of the weekend’s action before discussing what their favourite goal was.

Microsoft also hopes the service will introduce people to previously unfamiliar subject areas, as well as help them to make new friends and acquaintances.

So.cl is available to try now by visiting the website www.so.cl.

What is So.cl?

What do you think of So.cl? Will you be using it?

Writing by Danny Brogan.