A team of Microsoft researchers has demonstrated a new method of controlling your computer with hand gestures, but without the need of motion-capture cameras or touchscreens.

The SoundWave project uses what’s known in the physics world as the Doppler Effect.

Broken down into a sentence this basically refers to the change in frequency of a wave, such as light or sound, as a person moves towards or away from it.

The SoundWave team uses this principle to control a computer, scrolling up and down a page, for example, or even turning it on or off as you walk towards or away from it.

The computers microphone picks up the frequency waves, so a swipe in the air towards the mic can be interpreted to mean scroll up, while a swipe away can mean scroll down.

Okay, so you might look something of a mad person flaying your arms all over the place but if SoundWave has its way, we’ll all be doing it and we can’t all be mad. Can we?

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