Windows Phone users will soon no longer be able to buy apps for their device from the Zune PC software.

It’s the first of two changes Microsoft is implementing, the second being that to buy any new apps, or to update existing ones, your device must be running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. 

Apps will still be available to download from the Windows Marketplace both on a phone and via the web. 

However, Microsoft is already in the process of removing the Windows apps options from Zune, though the Zune HD app store will remain open. 

Whereas the retirement of Zune won’t affect the consumer per se, users will need to ensure they have updated their handset to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango by plugging their device into their computer. 

Microsoft says it is making the upgrade necessary in a bid to improve its Marketplace, which now has over 80,000 apps, as well as making it more secure.

Windows Phone 8 Apollo is expected to begin being rolled out in October of this year, but as to whether current handsets will be upgradeable remains a point of uncertainty.

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