Sawing a woman in half. Walking on water. Living in an elevated glass box while the London public shout and throw obscenities at you... So last year. The latest magic tricks use Microsoft Kinect, as demonstrated here by techno illusionist Marco Tempest.

Tempest used the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference to showcase his Paul Daniels-esque talents (okay he was more impressive than Debbie McGee’s other half) by giving a monologue about what constitutes magic. Utilising the gesture control of Kinect with an element of sleight of hand and a degree of augmented reality, the results warranted a standing ovation from watching crowd.

Pocket-lint must admit that we too were left pretty open mouthed. All Marco Tempest needs now is a sidekick called Wiz Bit and he’ll be a bona fide magic man in our eyes.

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