Microsoft is continuing its fight against "greymail", the rogue emails that clog up inboxes but aren't spam. The Hotmail team wants people to realise that all the newsletters they once subscribed to, and marketing nonsense they continue to receive, can be easily dealt with.

To illustrate the point, the company has created an infographic with some of the results of a national survey it commissioned from OnePoll. A few of which stand out more than others.

For example, the poll of 2,000 UK adults found that only 17 per cent of them prefer to use their smartphones to access emails. A further 4 per cent prefer tablet devices, while a whopping 75 per cent still use a desktop PC.

In addition, Microsoft estimates that a staggering 14,600 emails will be delivered to each user's inbox in 2012, and that 80 per cent of those will be the dreaded greymail - newsletters, deals and updates which consumers have formerly opted to receive, even if they have forgotten all about it, or have no need for such information in future.

Remarkably, the study has also found that almost one in ten (9 per cent) of Brits have trouble sleeping when their email folder is disorganised.

"While some consumers will be able to relate to these habits, whether it’s the desire to hoard things for sentimental reasons or just the practicality of keeping records, we all have a unique way of managing our digital lives," said Jenni Trent Hughes, psychologist and life strategist.

"What’s interesting is the common behaviours that have been revealed and how certain groups of consumers approach things in similar ways. For anyone looking to improve how they manage their life online, it’s only a case of taking simple steps, but they first need to look at their everyday habits to understand what changes need to be made."

Hotmail aims to help with this, even offering a self-diagnosis test to find out the best way for users to tackle their inbox management. Just visit

"We recognise the challenges consumers face as the volume of emails they receive continues to increase," added Dr Fiona Fyfe, UK product marketing manager for Hotmail. "This is why Hotmail offers a variety of features including sweep and schedule clean-up, which offer consumers  –  whatever their online behaviour and inbox style  –  a quick and easy way to deal with their greymail, declutter their inboxes and manage their digital lives."

Leaving us all more time to get on with the important things in life, such as watching This Morning and listening to whatever work of artistry an ex-X-Factor contestant has released that week. Oh.

75 per cent of brits still use pcs to email not smartphones image 2

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Pic: (cc) daoro