Microsoft has announced the launch of SkyDrive for iPhone and Windows Phone 7, bringing some serious cloud-based control over all types of digital files.

The new SkyDrive app will allow users to search through all of their content and share whatever they like using the "Get a link" method before emailing it off - it also allows you to choose whether you would like the recipient to be able to edit or just view the document.

As this looks to be primarily a sharing tool, it won't replace the native OneNote system on Windows Phones as that will remain the place where you create and work on documents.

However what is useful is the way you can organise your SkyDrive; easy creation and deletion of content goes a long way in terms of managing, so if you've got more than a couple of dozen folders lurking around this could be a really useful little app.

Some may question the wisdom of Microsoft dishing out so much of its software to iOS as it may give mobile users a reason to stick with the iPhone rather than make the move to WP7, however as more software is made available on an increasing number of different platforms it is quality hardware that might end up being the difference.

You can read more here on the Windows Live blog.

And if you want to download the new app, you can get the WP7 version here, and the iPhone app here.

For any Android mobile users using Skydrive: are you disappointed not to see an Android version or does the mobile site give you all you need?