The message from Microsoft when it comes to cloud computing is clear; share and share alike.

Sharing is the overriding theme of the revamped SkyDrive online portal, the web-based platform where you can manage all of your cloud backed-up files.

Since launching in 2007, the service has seen over 300 million Office documents uploaded, with an average of 17 million file uploads a month now recorded, and Windows Phone users are uploading around 120 photos per month from their mobile devices.

The sharing improvements mean that it's easier to get collaborating on your files, with single file links now possible, or even just easier to ping across a few photos to your pals. They don't even need a Windows Live ID to be emailed file links and it's also possible to directly send files to Facebook and LinkedIn from within the web platform.

In terms of file management, will behave a lot more like your regular Windows interface, with right-click options such as renaming, and bulk downloading, deleting or printing now all available.

HTML5 uploading has also been included (on compatible browsers) meaning that you can simply drag and drop the files you want to stick in Microsoft's cloud. If uploading in bulk, you can continue to use SkyDrive whilst it works in the background.

Other improvements include viewing geo-tagged photos on a map; support for touch APIs; improved PDF viewing directly on (using a plug-in), the ability to upload and view RAW files and a 50 per cent faster signing in time.

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