With all the Windows 8 news flying around following its "reimagining" by Microsoft it's easy to lose track of what the crucial aspects are to the new OS.

Sure, it's important to know that Xbox Live is coming to Windows 8 and that a Samsung Windows 8 tablet was revealed at Build 2011 but everyone seems to be missing the key factor of the new OS - that the Blue Screen of Death has had an update.

Yep, even the dreaded BSOD has been reimagined, making it much more friendly and less scary. Sure, your computer is probably knackered if you're presented with it, but look at that emoticon - Windows 8 has a personality, it's sad for us in our time of need.

It's a damn sight less daunting than the original BSOD from Windows 1.0 at least - that'd scare the bejesus out of us if that popped up, especially after some suspect-surfing when Mrs. Pocket-lint wasn't around.

blue screen of death reimagined for windows 8  image 3

We look forward to seeing the news BSOD adorning ticket machines, shopping centres, tube adverts and many other public displays when the new OS goes live next year.