British teenager, Rebecca Rickwood, has been announced as the champion of the "2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office", beating 228,000 other rivals to the $5,000 prize.

It could be argued that it's not the coolest prize to be had if you're a 15-year-old girl, but few could disagree that it'll be dab-handy when a friend comes knocking at her door needing an emergency pie chart knocked together quick smart.

There were 79 finalists in total competing in the Excel 2007 category in San Diego, California; with Rebecca commenting that: "First we had to take a qualifying exam which I took back in about October. Then at the end of June we got the phone call saying I’d got the best score in the UK so I was coming to San Diego for the world championships."

Timed tests were used in order to find the contestant who was able to create spreadsheets and presentations the fastest - Rebecca doing particularly well considering many of her rivals were older and more experienced than her. All the winners from the other categories were from Asia, with Rebecca being the only winner outside the continent.

So well done to Rebecca, hopefully this'll be the starting point for a turnaround in British fortunes when it comes to Office-based competition.