Microsoft may have been trying to get everyone to focus on it’s MIX 11 event in Las Vegas this week, but that didn’t stop developer code of it’s next major project, Windows 8 slipping out into the wide for all to see.

Details are decidedly thin, it is a complete Operating System after all, but what we’ve learnt this week is that the login process will have something of Windows Phone 7 about it, or to put it in better Microsoft design language will feature the Metro UI interface used elsewhere.

What can we learn from the video posted by a German Windows site? Well that the login screens are decidedly touch-friendly, that you’ll be able to change login settings pretty quickly, that the person filming the screen likes that strange Dali inspired illustration found in Windows, and that they also like music that sounds like a soft porn track (or so we’ve heard – allegedly).

Other features include support for Portable Workspaces.

According to reports online Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to a brand new feature in Windows: Portable Workspaces.

“Portable Workspace is a Windows feature that allows you to run Windows from a USB storage device,” notes Microsoft in its description of the feature inside Windows 8.

Other features supposedly included, report Microsoft news site, are:

- Windows Push Notification Platform

- Built-in screenshot snapping tool

- Webcam Capture Application

- Toasts and tiles

- Create bootable USB Flash Devices