Microsoft will launch an update for Office for Mac 2011 next week the company has confirmed.

The new SP1 update will provide increased stability, security, and some new features to the suite – including improved Outlook syncing support – as well as some performance enhancements.

The new update will also finally allow Mac users to sync their Outlook calendar as well as contacts, notes and tasks with any service or device that supports Sync Services, including your iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft say this has been one of our top feature requests. The update will also enable calendar syncing between Outlook for Mac and Apple’s Sync Services.

However MobileMe will no longer sync with MacOS Sync Services as of May 5th. As a result, Outlook 2011 SP1 calendars that sync with Sync Services on the Mac, will NOT be synced with MobileMe calendars.

So what does this mean? If you sync your iPhone or iPad calendars with Sync Services (ie via iTunes over a cable), your mobile device calendars WILL be synced with Outlook 2011 SP1. If you sync your iPhone or iPad calendars with MobileMe, they will NOT be synced to your Outlook 2011 SP1 calendar, because of the broken link between MobileMe and Sync Services. Hopefully Apple’s changes will not impact very many of you.