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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has created a constantly updated countdown infographic to subtly nudge PC owners away from using the 10-year-old version of its web browser, IE6.

Apparently, 12 per cent of surfers worldwide are still using Internet Explorer 6 in preference to any of the other browsers available. Obviously, this generation of the software is now archaic and doesn't work with many of the Internet's content rich services.

The aim of the site itself is to both show where the most heavy use of the old browser is, and ask friends and families of those using IE6 to tell their loved ones to upgrade.

Currently, China is by far the biggest user of IE6, with 34.5 per cent of web viewing with it. Remarkably, the tech savvy South Korea is second on 24.8 per cent, while the UK still has 3.5 per cent saturation.

Ultimately, Microsoft wants to eliminate the use of the browser altogether, allowing web developers to concentrate their efforts elsewhere, other than adapt sites to be viewed using the antique. But will also settle for 1 per cent usage worldwide.

Sites are also being encouraged to add a banner telling their visitors to upgrade. Of course, we know that Pocket-lint readers are fully specc'ed up, so we won't bother.

The countdown infographic can be found at www.theie6countdown.com/.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.