Following the news that Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating system has been the biggest selling OS in history; selling 240 million licenses in its first year. News has just come in that Windows 8 could be with us as soon as 2012.

Suggested in a previous Microsoft roadmap, Microsoft Netherlands is suggesting that the OS is a matter of a couple of year's away, as the info is apparently buried in a press release which is celebrating Windows 7's 1st birthday - ahh.

The Dutch has been translated by Google translate, and reads: "Furthermore, Microsoft is of course the next version of Windows. But it will take about two years before "Windows 8" on the market".

Certainly there are many factors and obstacles that could end up delaying Windows 8, not least wanting to get it absolutely bang on. And in light of the success of Windows 7, and the previous OS failure of Vista, we wouldn't have thought Microsoft would be in a huge rush.

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