Could Microsoft's browser dominance be on the wane?

If the latest figures released are anything to go by, then it just might be.

Significantly, the global use of Internet Explorer dropped below 50 per cent in September, to 49.87 per cent, which is 8.5 per cent down on September 2009. More worryingly for Bill and the gang, the usage figure is over 17 per cent down on September 2008.

And whilst Microsoft still holds the largest market share by a wide margin (Firefox sits in second place with 31.5 per cent), Google is clearly the form player, with a usage that has almost tripled within a year and gone from just over 1 per cent in September 2008 to almost 12 per cent last month.

Bringing up the rear is Safari with 4.42 per cent and Opera with 2.03 per cent.

In the UK, IE's dominance is a little greater. The figures read; IE - 54.63 per cent, Firefox - 24.68 per cent, Chrome 12.61 per cent, Safari 6.85 per cent and Opera 1.09 per cent.

With IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome 7 all in Beta testing phases, it's sure to be an interesting few months in the browser wars.