It turns out nobody really understands what Microsoft's Windows Live Sync service actually is, and so because of that, Microsoft has announced that it will be changing the name and upping the offering in an attempt to entice people when Windows Live Essentials 2011 launches shortly.

The new service, now called Windows Live Mesh (you see that is so much nicer isn't it) will still let you do all the same stuff - ie give you're computers in sync (we mean on the mesh) as well as increasing the storage limit from 2GB to 5GB.

"In our beta release, we brought the best of Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh together. With the addition of remote access and cloud storage, we understand that the new program does more than sync files. So following the beta period, we’ll be using the name Windows Live Mesh going forward, which we feel best reflects our broader goal of allowing you to access your stuff across your devices," Microsoft's Allison O’Mahony and Principal Program Manager Lead, Devices & Roaming on the project says.

Customers will now also be able to detect missing files, see the file name and identify when and where it was last modified as well as sync hidden files as well.  

"Windows Live Mesh provides a simple and easy way for customers to sync files across multiple PCs - and to the cloud - for anytime access to the content that matters to them the most," say Microsoft in a statement about the new offering.

Other features include:

- Faster remote desktop with zoom
- Improved peer-to-peer (P2P) file synchronization
- A new web interface integrated with rest of Windows Live
- Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office program settings can be synced across PCs and a simplified user interface