Microsoft could be about to launch a competitor to Apple's Magic Trackpad device, called the Arc Touch Mouse.

Microsoft has been teasing followers of its Twitter feed that it will be launching a new device very shortly.

The tweets, coming from Microsoft's Hardware division, have drip fed pictures of a flat, black device that has lead some to believe it could be a new internet tablet from the Redmond based company.

However, Microsoft's Hardware division only deals with keyboards, webcams, and mice meaning a new tablet isn't on the cards:

"Here’s a hint for you: “Don’t be so touchy…flat is where it’s at”, said the feed. Before once again stating: "Love the excitement about our next product! Just remember, we make keyboards, webcams and mice…"

Details of the Arc Touch Mouse began surfacing in early July as several European retailers began publishing listings for a "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse". 

Company officials registered on Tuesday 30 March this year and according to an insider that spoke to Neowin, the device will launch in September.

Apple launched a touch enabled trackpad earlier in the month that allows users to replicate movements on the trackpad in the same as a MacBook laptop.

Would you want an Arc Touch Mouse? What do you think the touchy flat device is? Let us know in the comments below.