Are you a PC or are you a Mac?

Maybe you can't decide whether you're more Robert Webb or more David Mitchell (or more John Hodgman or more Justin Long for Pocket-lint's US readers). But it doesn't really matter, at least when it comes to your office suite of choice, because Microsoft's Office software plays nicely with both.

And, to follow up the success of the Windows based Office 2010, Microsoft has announced that Office for Mac will be hitting the shops at the end of October.

Like its PC equivalent, there are a few different variations to choose from.

First up is Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, which encompasses Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Messenger. Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 throws in Outlook as well.

Prices for the former option start at £89.99 for a single licence or £20 more for the Family option, which can be installed on three machines.

The Business option costs £189.99 for a single install, or £239.99 if you want to load it up on another machine as well.

Be aware though, that these are just Microsoft's official prices - online retailers like Play and Amazon often sell Microsoft's software a bit cheaper than the suggested RRPs.

The good news if you're in the market for some new office software, but you can wait until the end of October, is that Microsoft is running another of its free upgrade incentives. If you buy Office for Mac 2008 from now until 30 November (directly from Microsoft or an authorised dealer), then you can upgrade for nothing using the online program using your 2008 product key.

Are you a PC? Or are you a Mac? Or, are you both? Or a hybrid running two operating systems? Maybe you're even a Linux penguin? And, does your choice of OS also affect your choice of office software? Tell us all about your machine choices using the comments below.