Oh dear. Can someone in the Redmond area of Washington peddle over to One Microsoft Way and tell Bill and the gang that mice (or should that be mouses) are so 2009.

They obviously haven't heard the news that trackpads are where it's at now - and magical ones to boot.

Because why else would Microsoft choose, the day after Apple launches a new approach to desktop navigation, to unveil its own latest pointing device.....a mouse.

Yeah sure, the mouse is still a useful (okay - essential for some people) tool, but talk about bad timing.

Anyway, we suppose we better take a better look at it. After all, it only costs a fraction (1/3 is that fraction in fact) of what the Apple Magic Trackpad will set you back.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000v2 has rubber grips on either side of it to make it useable by both the left and right handed and it comes with a USB nano transceiver that is so diddy, you won't really mind leaving it plugged into your machine permanently.

It's got up to 10 months of battery life with a power status indicator to let you know when it is running out. It uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection and has a range of just over 9 metres.

It's got three buttons, a scroll wheel and 1000 dpi for "greater precision and smoothness of your mouse movement".

Priced at £19.99, it's available now. No magic is included though.