The services look like they are heading to Britain, with reports suggesting that Microsoft temporarily opened up a signing up page for UK subscribers. reported that one of its readers was able to sign up for an account with the pricing breakdown as follows:

zune pass now available in the uk sort of image 2

Even though it is clear that Microsoft is readying the service for UK users, you won't actually be able to stream to any Zune devices or software with a UK Windows Live ID. It seems though, that with Windows Phone 7 on the horizon, Microsoft is getting its shop in order before the launch.

The Zune Pass will let you download an unlimited number of songs, and keep on playing them for as long as the subscription lasts. You can also keep up to 10 tunes per month (DRM-free) permanently.

There's been no confirmation yet as to whether UK users will get access to Zune on their Xbox 360s or Windows PCs, although back in May we were told by Alex Reeve, Microsoft's UK Mobile Business Group director, that the Zune store would be coming to the UK in time for the launch of Windows Phone 7.

£8.99 a month seems like a pretty reasonable price to us for this sort of access. It will be nice if Zune hit the UK properly though - we mean hardware and software wise. Although the Zune player has its critics, a multi-platform service would appeal to many UK users.