The days of typing a password to access your computer could be over very shortly if plans by Microsoft come to fruition.

Leaked documents detailing possible features for Windows 8, suggest that Microsoft is looking at using a laptop or computer's webcam and possibly software already used in its just announced Kinect for Xbox 360, to instantly recognise owners and let them in without questioning them further.

Claiming that camera integration in devices will be ubiquitous by 2012, Microsoft uses one of the slides of the vast document to detail a scenario whereby the PC would automatically detect when the user is sitting in front of the computer and log them in.

Another slide detailing supported tech includes a reference to the need to include a 2D webcam for "Face recognition-based login" and "voice control".

Microsoft already offers a range of webcams for PC users, and hopes to propel image controlled gaming into the home with the launch of its Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 accessory in November later this year.

In fact rumours have already started to circulate that the accessory is headed for the office space rather than just enjoying the gaming arena.

The Kinect for Xbox 360 also comes with the ability to receive voice commands, suggesting Microsoft could include the option for you to bark instructions at your Windows 8-powered machine as if you were in Star Trek.

The document also talks about bringing an App Store to Windows 8, as well as, improving boot up times and increasing performance, whilst suggested spec for the new Windows 8 ready machines includes multi-touch support for five or more contact points, and HD quality display.

We will keep you posted.