Microsoft has officially launched Office 2010 to the world, ending a long period of beta and trial versions.

There are three different versions available - Home and Student which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Home and Business which adds Outlook and Professional which has the full range of the Office 2010 suite including all the mentioned programs as well as Access and Publisher.

The official RRP for these are £109.99, £239.99 and £429.99 although do a bit of digging around if you're in the market as you can find these online much cheaper. Amazon, for example, has them at £84.99, £187.44 and £357.19.

If you're considering splashing out for Office 2010, first read our hands on guide, where we go into detail about exactly what you'll be getting for your money. After all, there are free alternatives out there such as Open Office, so if you're going to be forking out at least £84.99 you'll want to make sure you actually need the software.

Also check out the video below which shows off the suite's features: