Two of Microsoft's leading figures in Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division will be departing the company ahead of the E3 conference in June.

Robbie Bach, who has been president of the Entertainment division since its creation, and J Allard, chief experience officer will move on, leaving some potentially interesting restructuring.

The interest lies in the fact that this particular division is spearheading the fight against key competitors, such as Apple, Google and Sony and will surely miss the experience and creativity that both Bach and Allard imparted. Presumably this could mean CEO Steve Ballmer will get a more direct role in the division.

The departure of Allard will perhaps be especially missed, as he was one of creative forces behind the company's Zune and Xbox devices. However, Microsoft will no doubt be relieved as, in an interview with TechFlash, Allard stated that he had no intention of working with any of Microsoft's rivals.

How successful the two men's partnership has been may be debatable, with clear issues especially in the mobile arena, but with the imminent announcement of Project Natal at E3, we'll be keeping a close eye on developments - whatever happens within the walls of the MS offices let's hope the restructuring means some cracking new devices for the end user.