Microsoft has announced that it's got a new product in development in its FUSE labs, titled Spindex. It's an aggregator of social networks, meaning that you hook up your various Facebook, Twitter and other network profiles, and it pulls in content from all your friends into one big list.

It'll show you new items, along with items that are "trending" across your friends - rather than across the network as a whole, like Twitter does. The team behind Spindex previously worked on the Outlook Social Connector, Bing Twitter Maps and the Docs for Facebook service offered on the social network.

Microsoft says: "Today's social networks are powerful and compelling, but they're just the beginning of a broader transformation that will likely change every aspect of the Web. One area we’ve been focused on lately is the personalisation of social computing", adding "We want to help you get the most out of your social activity by exposing the right information, at the right time, in a way that’s meaningful".

There's no beta, or even an alpha to try out - it's very early days yet - but we'll keep our eyes peeled to find out exactly what Microsoft is planning here, and whether it can accomplish its lofty goals. Stay tuned.