Late last year, Microsoft launched the MSN Video Player in the UK. It came with content from the BBC, Endemol, RDF and a number of other big names, but was focused mainly on TV shows. 

That seems to be changing, with the announcement that Paramount Pictures has signed a deal with Microsoft to bring some of its trailers and full-length movies online. It's one of the biggest such deals to be announced outside of the USA, and means that a portion of Paramount's catalogue will be accessible on-demand.

However, what's unclear is exactly what portion that will be. On-demand, ad-supported services that we've tested in the past offered movie catalogues consisting primarily of the least-popular content in publishers' catalogues, for fear of cannibalizing DVD sales. We suspect that some of Paramount's biggest hits - Terminator, Rambo and the Bill & Ted movies, for example - won't be available.

To that end, we've asked Microsoft exactly what the lineup will be from Paramount. When we hear back from them, we'll update this post.