Microsoft has rather grandly heralded the "redesign of the keyboard as we know it" as the Arc Keyboard is announced for sale in the UK.

The Arc Keyboard, which joins the Arc Mouse in Microsoft's range of higher-end peripherals, is designed to be "small enough to move easily around the home and so attractive it fits seamlessly with chic home accessories".

In fact, Microsoft says the Arc Keyboard "is all about the home", with the company's design team apparently drawing inspiration from modern home accessories such as "flatware, lighting fixtures and vases".

The new keyboard gets a domed keyset to comfortably rest on the lap and boasts a snap-in nano transceiver that can remain plugged in to the computer at all times, or can be magnetically snapped in the bottom of the keyboard for storage.

The Microsoft Arc Keyboard has been priced at £49.99 for a UK launch.