Now that Windows 7 is out of the door and bringing in the cash for Microsoft, the software giant has set its sights on the next version, which has been codenamed Windows 8. A couple of snippets of information about the upcoming OS have been revealed.

The first comes from one of the Windows Update team, who posted in a now-removed blog entry (which is still accessible) that "The minimum that folks can take for granted is that the next version will be something completely different from what folks usually expect of Windows".

He adds: "The themes that have been floated truly reflect what people have been looking for years and it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs". He commented that Windows 8 will not necessarily be the name that the OS takes on, and that his team is calling it internally.

Alongside, Microsoft's regional VP of consumer and online told CIO that: "[Apple is] doing well on the PC side but Windows 7 is a blockbuster. We got it really right. For me, Windows 8 will be mind-blowing". Is this just bullish talk, or does Microsoft really have something exciting up its sleeves?

We'll have to wait for 2012 to see.