While IE6 continues to give it headaches, Microsoft has announced a special kid-safe version of Internet Explorer 8 that it has partnered with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre to launch.

Available for download now, the customised version of the browser - "Internet Explorer 8 Click Clever Click Safe" - promotes online safety for families as well as offering direct links through to the CEOP.  

"Internet safety advice needs to be at your fingertips and not hidden away. Parents and children should not have to go searching through numerous web pages to find the help they need. The new CEOP-customised Internet Explorer 8  browser will embed advice, help and report services directly into the toolbar to provide a constant, reassuring presence for families who will be one click away from the support they need", says Jim Gamble, CEO of CEOP.

As well as click-through access to CEOP ("the government’s one-stop shop for internet safety") there's a "Web Slice" in the toolbar offering info on the likes of cyber bullying (presumably not a how-to), hacking (again, we suspect not a getting started guide), viruses (don't use IE6!) and "harmful content".