The UK government has thrown its weight behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 following denouncements of the browser from both the French and German governments in the wake of Operation Aurora, China's attack on Google and other companies.

The Cabinet Office released a statement saying: "We take internet security very seriously. Complex software will always have vulnerabilities and motivated adversaries will always work to discover and take advantage of them". We wonder if the government includes China in its list of "motivated adversaries".

"There is no evidence that moving from the latest fully patched versions of Internet Explorer to other browsers will make users more secure. Regular software patching and updating will help defend against the latest threats". Except that there is evidence. Lots of evidence.

Both France and Germany have issued official statements warning people off Microsoft's browser entirely, and even Microsoft recommends that IE6 users upgrade to the latest version - Internet Explorer 8. But the UK government says that it's resolutely sticking with IE6 for all its work, albeit with additional security systems on top.

What browser do you use, and why?