Navteq has announced a tie-up with Microsoft that'll see the two companies collaborating on 3D mapping data and visuals.

Navteq says that the agreement will allow it to more rapidly deploy innovative
collection capabilities and accelerate the collection, creation and storage of 3D map data and visuals. The company has provided data to Microsoft for around ten years.

The result will be rolled out to consumers via Bing Maps, but will also likely enrich the maps that Navteq provides its other customers, because upgrades will be needed to Navteq's collection vehicles. The excellently-named Cliff Fox, executive vice president at Navteq, told Pocket-lint:

"Navteq continues to believe that the quality of data collection, which provides the building blocks for the underlying digital map in any navigation or location-enabled device, is paramount to a superior user experience". 

"Microsoft shares this view, and openly welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with NAVTEQ in new ways to accelerate the development of technologies which we believe are crucial to the growing expectations of consumers using NAVTEQ maps".