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(Pocket-lint) - British teens are turning their back on traditional sources for news, such as terrestrial TV and, specifically, the BBC. They are instead relying on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to provide their regular news updates.

A new Ofcom report reveals that the three online services have overtaken BBC channels One and Two as the age group's most popular destinations for news coverage.


But TV isn't the only victim in the rise in popularity of social video apps among teenagers, fewer use Facebook for news too.

In fact, UK adults are also turning away from Facebook when it comes to their regular local and wordly updates. Where 34 per cent cited the social network as their primary go-to back in 2018, only 22 per cent claim to rely on it now.

Facebook has been accused of enabling "fake news" and untrusted sources in recent years, which could be contributory. But, it could also be down to the focus of news broadcasters as they pour more effort into serving audiences on TikTok and the like.

Ofcom found that a quarter of TikTok users who get their news from the platform, do so from the accounts of the BBC, Sky News, and other traditional providers.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.