This artist adds brilliant creative flair to tourist photos

Creative illustrator Robin Layla has a talent for adding artistic artwork to photos in a way that makes them even more appealing. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Here Robin Yayla has reimagined the Folkart Towers as Optimus Prime's legs.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Is there a more cliche tourist photo than the Leaning Tower of Pisa with people pretending to be holding it up? (image credit: Robin Yayla)
From Pisa to pizza, Italy seemingly has it all. Here Vatican City has become home to a holy slice of pepperoni pizza. Delicious stuff.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
At the calm waters of Bodrum Marina, King Leonidas I, the leader of Sparta is seen defending the area from some dangerous-looking sailboats.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Have you seen those jetpacks which seem to be powered by bursts of water? Well, here it looks like that's the tech Iron Man uses to get about.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
These buildings in Istanbul, Turkey look somewhat like large shopping bags. Even more so now with the addition of some handles.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
An Elite World Hotels building has been transformed into a portal with a massive Rick and Morty bursting through into our world. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
In Berlin, there's a building that looks a little bit like a Storm Trooper. Assuming you have a creative eye and a little bit of imagination like Robin Yayla. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
In Venice, there's a great building that would be perfect for squeezing lemons. It would make a mess if you had a lemon that big though. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
This ageing building from Italy certainly looks like it's starting to suffer the test of time. Now it's been sliced apart.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
With an imaginative eye, Robin Yayla has transformed this building from Milan, Italy into a snake.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Some of these images are just about perspective and a bit of artistic drawing. Here it looks like this church tower has been turned into a giant's pencil.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
In Istanbul, there's an angel playing the bridge like it's a harp. We'd imagine passing drivers would either get a bit of a fright or pleasure as they go by.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
We thoroughly enjoy Robin Yayla's keen eye for detail. Here a massive towering building looks like an electric toothbrush. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Is this how avalanches happen? God just pouring out his leftover flour on the mountainside. Certainly an amusing conspet.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Open up the buildings of Istanbul and you'll discover hidden treasures and untold wealth. Or at least that's the story Robin Yayla is telling here.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)
One of our favourite Gaulish warriors, Obelix is seen floating in the skies as a hot air balloon. (image credit: Robin Yayla)
Human beings are surely ruining the planet. We're polluting the oceans and damaging the land. This artistic work might be fiction but it sure tells that story.  (image credit: Robin Yayla)